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Global Education Network (GEN)  is a non-profit organization committed to crafting immersive travel itineraries that not only showcase the diverse beauty of Mexico but also support local communities and sustainable tourism initiatives, ensuring every journey leaves a positive impact on both travelers and destinations alike. Our trips offer students the chance to step out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in new environments, fostering deep connections with people from different backgrounds and gaining insights into their perspectives and experiences.


To foster global citizenship and cross-cultural understanding among students through immersive travel experiences that cultivate empathy, respect, and appreciation for diverse cultures.


To equip the next generation of leaders with the knowledge, skills, and perspective essential for success in an interconnected world, where diversity is embraced, and cooperation transcends boundaries.


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Our Team

Discover our dedicated educators and travel experts committed to crafting enriching experiences for students, guiding them towards global understanding.

Daniel Moran

Board of Directors

Designs dynamic itineraries that blend cultural immersion with exciting outdoor experiences.

Micheal Weakley

Executive Director

Ensures cultural sensitivity and respect in our programs, providing valuable insights into local customs.

Ricardo Garrido

Exceutive Director

Supports language learning and cross-cultural communication, fostering meaningful connections between students and locals.

Johnathan Doe

Finance Officer

Cultivates student involvement in community projects, fostering empathy and understanding through hands-on experiences.